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1 Watch Video (MFP 2012 Result Announcement - Part I) 3:40

MFP 2012 Result Announcement - Part I

Congratulations to the winni

2 Watch Video (MFP 2012 Result Announcement - part II) 3:03

MFP 2012 Result Announcement - part II

Congratulations to the winning teams!


What is maurice fadel prize ?

The Maurice Fadel prize for the best business plan in Northern Lebanon is a non-for-profit and volunteer-driven organization that aims at promoting entrepreneurship in Northern Lebanon and ultimately establishing businesses in that region. It is located in Tripoli. The association is politically independent and wants to build on the reputation of Maurice Fadel as a successful business man in order to motivate young people in Northern Lebanon to establish their own business and be successful.


Business & Affairs Magazine-"Boom Time in TRIPOLI"

Round I Results are NOW out – Click to see the 19 Semi-Finalist Teams

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Maurice Fadel Prize Competition’s 3rd version is now open!

Maurice Fadel Prize competition for Best Business Plan in Northern Lebanon has

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