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MFP 2012 Result Announcement - Part I

Congratulations to the winni

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MFP 2012 Result Announcement - part II

Congratulations to the winning teams!


About The Competition

The Maurice Fadel Prize for the best business plan in Northern Lebanon

Who we are?

The Maurice Fadel prize for the best business plan in Northern Lebanon is a non-for-profit and volunteer-driven organization that aims at promoting entrepreneurship in Northern Lebanon and ultimately establishing businesses in that region. It is located in Tripoli. The association is politically independent and wants to build on the reputation of Maurice Fadel as a successful business man in order to motivate young people in Northern Lebanon to establish their own business and be successful. The association is apolitical, non-religious, non discriminative and will include members that are politically neutral and representative of Northern Lebanon.

The Maurice Fadel Prize for the best business plan in Northern Lebanon aims at furthering economic and technological growth and competitiveness of Tripoli and Northern Lebanon. Northern Lebanon is a difficult economic area where the history of the past 20 years shows economic regression as opposed to progress. Encouraging young entrepreneurs and creating a network of highly motivated young workers is key to bring this region out of the current economic impasse. In addition, helping entrepreneurs establish businesses in the North could help slow down the current emigration out of the North to Beirut of countries outside Lebanon. The long-term aim is for the North to re-become a dynamic economic pole. The main objective of the prize is hence to develop and nurture a culture of entrepreneurship by providing the necessary opportunities to new as well as seasoned entrepreneurs to learn, hone their skills, network with all relevant business constituencies, and interact with the global entrepreneurship culture.  The main event so far will be the Maurice Fadel prize for the best business plan in Tripoli and Northern Lebanon. 

Defining Northern Lebanon

Nothern Lebanon is defined as Tripoli, Akkar, Menyeh - Denniyeh, Koura, Zgharta, Bcharri and Batroun.

The Prize

The Money Prizes for this year are as below:

  • 15,000 $ for the 1st Prize
  • 10,000 $ for the 2nd Prize
  •  5,000 $ for the 3rd Prize

In addition to the money prizes, winners are offered in-kind contributions depending on the project, such as offices at BIAT, mentorship, equipment, computers, furniture etc. They also get a great media exposure throughout the competition year and the opportunity of being connected with potential investor and Lebanese angels.


The Maurice Fadel Competition is a non-discriminatory, open competition.  Individuals and newly established companies are both invited to apply.  Additionally, the competition does not discriminate on gender, age or professional backgrounds. EVERYBODY is eligible. Anyone can apply, alone or in a team!
The only requirements needed to enter the competition are:

  • Be a citizen of Lebanon
  • Have a project which will be implemented in Northern Lebanon

Selection Criteria

Teams who apply will maximize their chance for winning if their business idea is:

  • Innovative and has a strong innovation component in it. There must be something new and creative in the proposed project, a well perceived value-added.
  • The business idea must have the potential for expansion. Northern Lebanon is just a base for expansion in the rest of Lebanon and the Arab region.
  • The proposed business should have a positive social impact on Northern Lebanon.

Competition Rules & Process

Round 1:

All contestants/teams are expected to complete a form on the web in English, French or Arabic before March 15, 2013. The form to be filled online contains questions about all the information that the judges need to know concerning a proposed business (team members and qualifications, summary of idea, competition section, problem it solves, money required etc.).
By having each team fill out one standard form, we think that the information will be reviewed in the fastest and fairest way possible. All contestants will be on equal footing and those with the best submission will continue to the next round.

Round 2:

The judges will review all entries based on criteria that is shared by all jury members. Each submission will be reviewed and graded by three different judges. After all grades are submitted by the judges on April 1st, the top 50 teams will be invited by April 5th, 2013 to participate in an entrepreneurship workshop to take place in Tripoli.
All invited teams who have successfully gone through round I must submit a short video pitch giving a comprehensive description of their projects by May 3rd, 2012.
The videos will be closely reviewed by 3 different judges from the business world, academia and the finance world.

Round 3:

Based on the grades of round 2 (video pitches), 12 teams will be selected to participate in a final round on May 23rd, 2013. These teams will do an oral presentation in front of a 5-people Jury. Based on an average of their presentation grade and their round 2 video pitches, 3 teams will win. The first team will have a 15,000 $ check so they start establishing their new business in Northern Lebanon.