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MFP 2012 Result Announcement - Part I

Congratulations to the winni

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MFP 2012 Result Announcement - part II

Congratulations to the winning teams!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.when should i apply for next Mauricefadel prize 2013 ?

Deadline for the MFP Round III application is March 15th, 2013.

2.What are the rules of the competition?

The rules of the competition are posted online at

3.Can I be disqualified?

The organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify any entry at any stage of the competition.

Usually a disqualification occurs if:

-The team violates the terms and conditions of the competition
-If the application is very poorly or partially filled (round 1)
-If the structure of the business plan does not follow the template recommended (round 2)
-If the entry is a company that has already been funded above USD $$$ or has started incurring revenues because of sales
-A record or official paper requested by the organizing has not been submitted
-A jury member recommends disqualification and states a logical and exceptional reason (round 2 and beyond).  The organizing committee needs to deliberate on the situation and the jury recommendation and make the final disqualification decision.
-The entry encompasses an idea or project that is complex, very specialized, or in an advance state of development and requires resources that are not available to the Maurice Fadel Business Plan Competition.
-There is evidence of fraud or unethical behavior

4.What are the required documents?

In Round 1,

-Applications are submitted on-line through the website and no other documents are required

In Round 2,

-A fully developed business plan (about 30 pages)
-“Intent of Incorporation” letter dully filled and signed by all team members
-“Privacy Disclaimer” form dully signed

In Round 3,

-No submission required

Winning teams,

-Proof of incorporation to claim the prize money
-Request to receive the prize money
-Any other record required by the organizing committee

NOTE:  All documents will be accepted if sent via e-mail.

5.Who Represents the Team?

No one represents the team.  You need to be a team of at least 3 persons to enter the competition.  Two of these persons need to be Arab nationals.  At least one person needs to attend the Business Plan workshop.  At least two persons need to present during the final round presentation. 

Only persons whose names have been submitted to the Maurice Fadel Business Plan Competition represent the team.  These people are listed in the application form of Round 1, and/or in the “Management Team” section of the Business Plan.  Usually, once the idea becomes clearer in round 2, the team composition could be adjusted accordingly.

The organizing committee will check for consistencies between the names listed between the rounds and reserves the right to request information and explanation about differences in team composition.  

Only persons whose names have been submitted to the Maurice Fadel Business Plan Competition may attend the competition events:

-Business Planning workshop
-Oral presentation of the third round
-Final awards ceremony

Any divergence from the team and the shareholders of the company must be documented in the business plan and/or the “Intent of Incorporation” letter.

6.What is the language of the competition?

English and Arabic are the languages of the Maurice Fadel Business Plan competition.

-Applications are submitted in English, French or Arabic on-line through the competition website.
-Business plans are submitted in English.
-Oral presentations of the Third Round are presented in Arabic or English (oral presentations could be accompanied by visual aids / Power Point presentations done in English).

7.Which idea is a better idea?

All well thought of ideas are potentially good ideas.  The Maurice Fadel Business Plan competition is seeking serious entries in all economic and business sectors.  The jurors are allowed to give bonus points according to the following criteria:

Innovation is not necessarily always a new invention; innovation could be solving an existing problem using a new way.
This means that the idea / project could be duplicated in other regions and countries
This also means growth; the idea/project needs to have the potential to grow into a big corporation or global company
we get advice and resources on technology projects
This means that the idea/project is a responsible one that aims to solve an environmental or social problem.
This criterion only comes to play in Round 3 where teams present in front of the jury who will reward inter-personal skills, integrity, passion, and drive.

8.Who is allowed to present in front of the final jury?

Any of all members of the Management Team are allowed to be present and/or present during the final presentation.  Every team has its unique style for the presentation; one or several could speak.  Just remember that your team has 10 minutes to present and 20 minutes to answer questions.  The organizing committee urges you to rehearse well before the presentation.

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