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Maurice Fadel

Why Maurice Fadel Prize For the best Business plan In Tripoli and Northern Lebanon?

The prize was named after Maurice Fadel, a role model for many entrepreneurs in Northern Lebanon and a successful self-made man. He started his career diligently as a cloth merchant. Due to his perseverance, diligence, and dedication to work, he entered as a partner in a huge business institution in which he soon became the decision-maker. Persistence throughout the unfortunate events which took place in Lebanon allowed Maurice Fadel, despite all the risks present, to effectively transform this institution into a huge one of a kind commercial empire known as ABC in the area of Dbayeh, offering thousands of jobs for the Lebanese.

Maurice Fadel, the successful businessman par excellence, has never failed to serve his country. His position as a deputy in the Lebanese parliament constituted the wide-open door through which he continued to serve Lebanon in general and the area he represented in particular.

Some of his most striking features are and certainly the values we want to promote in this business plan competition are: self-made, entrepreneur, adventurer, brave, hard-working, a believer in Lebanon in general and in the North in particular even amidst varying circumstances, a manager of work transparently and honorably.

In deference to the saying: "behind every great man stands a woman, "Maurice Fadel's founding and life partner Mrs. Diana allowed him every possible opportunity to heed to his work and different activities.