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MFP 2012 Result Announcement - Part I

Congratulations to the winni

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MFP 2012 Result Announcement - part II

Congratulations to the winning teams!


Results 2011-2010

Right after some unfortunate events that shacked the city of Tripoli, about 26 young people ignited the stage with their passion and projects. The presentation of projects was mixed with the presentation of some young artistic talents from the North including theatrical performances, Arabic rap, opera singing and break dancing. The big winner of the event isn’t any of the teams; it is the Northern Region itself that rediscovered for one night how rich it was! The North also found supporters that evening with Mohammad Choucair, the president of the Beirut Chamber of Commerce and of the Lebanese Chambers of Commerce whom addressed over 600 people of audience with a lot of optimism and commitment for the region, while Neemat Freim, the president of the Lebanese Industrialists Associations was very proud to give the 2nd Prize.

A panel of Jury members (Mrs. Salam Yamout, Mrs. Michele Chammas, Mr. Jacques Sarraf, Dr. Khater Bou habib and Mr. Omar Hallab and Kamal Mouzawak) insisted on the quality of the entrepreneurial talent that was available in the North and encouraged all individuals and institutions to contribute to the Maurice Fadel Prize initiative.

The team: Marhaba Local Guides” came in first receiving $25000 in money prize. Their business plan is meant to offer a mix of tourism, e-commerce and social media that will contribute to the socio-economic development of rural areas in Lebanon. Marhaba’s idea is for locals to provide tourists with a pioneering exposure to genuine experience of their villages and culture.

The team “Multi-E Dimensions” received $10,000 for the second place. Their project is meant to develop educational products and provide related services to reinforce concepts and facilitate learning for k-12 students in educational institutions. These interactive products will be created using 2D and 3D graphics, animation and computer programming.

The teams “Kashida” and “Cardiodiagnostics” had a tie in the third place receiving $5000 each. “Kashida” is a high-end product design line suitable for variable space interiors that applies Arabic typography to their models. “Cardiodiagnostics” provides an innovative and reliable medical solution to detect and diagnose heart attacks and cardiac arrhythmias.

Congratulations to the winning teams!