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MFP 2012 Result Announcement - Part I

Congratulations to the winni

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MFP 2012 Result Announcement - part II

Congratulations to the winning teams!



" It has been a rewarding experience as I had the change to meet and work with so many talented individuals.  The quality and amount of the talent available surpasses by far pre-conceived expectations.  However, it has been an eye opener, as entrepreneurship might be the only venue available for these young talents. "

Salam Yamout- National ICT Strategy Coordinator at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers

" This was one experience of a kind.  Everyone on the  board made it as such!  North Lebanon deserves it and we are all grateful to Mrs. Hala Fadel who put a lot of her heart, time and effort to make it a success … I am looking forward to participating the next year … "

Chady El Moucary, PhD, Coordinator, Faculty of Engineering, Notre Dame University – North Lebanon Campus

" On the path of better quality of life to individuals and thus society’s welfare, MFP stands out to be a unique experience that deserves all the attention and care from all of us.  Because among all the developmental initiatives already underway none has shed lights on the need to engage and instigate innovative and original thinking as Maurice Fadel Prize has done. "

Mohamad Alameddine, PhD, Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, Arts Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon

" An exceptionally rewarding experience to be a juror and a workshop facilitator, in a first time run competition which was a sweeping success thanks to the motivation, hard work, and professionalism of the organizing team and the commitment of all involved, thumbs up! "

Farah Sultan- Thomson Reuters - Systems Engineer (Lebanon & Syria)

" I thank all MFP team for the initiative to encourage and support innovative projects. It was a good experience to work with a team leader who tried, in a context of increasing socio-economic complexity, to be a collaborator in boosting innovation and driving the change. "

Dr Selim MEKDESSI - Researcher and Associated Professor, Head of the Finance Department, Lebanese University, Faculty of Economics and Business Admini

" The competition gave me and my team the chance to participate in a learning process that allowed us to channel hard work, dedication, and talent to help us realize our project's potential and make dreams a reality. We are excited about the opportunity provided by the competition to go forward with our project for the betterment of Lebanon. "

Elyse Nicolas- Team Mult-E Dimensions

" Essentially, the competition encouraged us to structure our passion and ambition into a well-developed business plan, which is the backbone of Kashida. MFP also gave us the chance to explore the artisanal talent of the North and meet local artisans, which is essential for the growth of Kashida. "

Kashida Team

" MFP is the sort of competition urgently needed in a country like Lebanon whose growth mainly depends on having micro projects designed with creativity and vision. "

Paul Tauk-CEO and Owner of ROXANA

" Participating in the MFP competition was a very rewarding decision. Throughout the 6 months: I have learned greatly from experts and from other participants which will help me grow and contribute better in our newly opened company. Don't miss your chance in taking part of this important opportunity. Thank you MFP team! "

Pierre Daher-Team Marhaba Local Guides

" I wish to thank you for your endeavor that is giving the chance to young entrepreneurs to formulate explicitly their business ideas and to have their business plans scrutinized by seasoned professionals, which ends up helping them fostering their dreams and having the good ones of them come true. "

Pr. Tony Gibeily – Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Management, Saint Joseph University of Beirut